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Located in the historic town of Washington, North East England, Wagons Way is an open and operational nursing and care facility. With a total of 58 beds, the facility is due to undergo a rolling refurbishment, which will work considerately alongside the staff and residents to transform this facility into a high quality nursing and dementia-specific care home.

An innovative new model has been specifically created to meet the needs of the care industry. With an ethical ROI made possible by a sustainable model that thoughtfully balances the needs of all parties, Wagons Way represents an excellent opportunity to invest in the future of UK care.

An innovative new model

This new commercial buy-to-let purchase opportunity offers you 8% rental income per annum with a buy back option up to 125% and an ROI up to 225% depending on your exit strategy.

A choice of 4 assured exit strategies provides ultimate flexibility whilst rewarding long-term commitment with greater returns, delivering the most efficient and stable operation.

Additionally with 2 purchase options, you may purchase a unit either with the full cash input of £58,500 and receive your first year’s rental income within 28 days of exchange, or take advantage of the by deduction model and benefit from a lower cash input of £53,820 by offsetting £4,680 against your 1st years rental income. All returns from year 2 onwards are paid annually in arrears.

£53,820 / £58,500


Washington, North East, England

58 Bedroom Care Facility
By Deduction Purchase Option (£53,820)
Full Cash Purchase Options (£58,500)
ROI up to 225%
Rental Income 8% Per Annum

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