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Whether you are a first time purchaser or a large corporate fund, our Portfolio Managers are on hand to guide you through all aspects of buy-to-let property. By paying close attention to your needs and expectations, we establish your full client profile and recommend the right properties from our development portfolio. Our client-focused approach assures that you will only be presented with opportunities that realistically meet your requirements.

When you purchase through Fortem Global, you benefit from our outstanding customer service values; regular product and market updates and above all, an attentive unbiased consulting service free of pressured sales tactics.

Our skilled consultants are also routinely monitored to ensure the correct information is being presented to you in the appropriate manner. Each member of staff has secured a diverse portfolio of invaluable real estate experience, dealing with a truly international client base. Therefore, we understand fully what customer service means in your language.

Purchasing property is a big decision, and the real test of this is what happens after the purchase has been made. Your confidence at each stage is important to us, meaning that our team will only ever guide you in a direction that you feel fully comfortable with. A purchase has to be 100% right for you or we will not proceed – The Fortem difference.

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