Why Invest in UK Care?

As a country, the UK is ageing; care for the older population is already generating an income of £14.5 Billion for the UK economy every year (AMA Research Ltd), the majority of which is funded by the government.

This figure is due to increase as the UK population ages. Estimates from the Office for National Statistics (www.ons.gov.uk) suggest that 1 in 4 people will be aged 65+ by 2050, representing a 56.3% increase from 2012. A total of 8 million people will be aged 80+ by the same year.

In order to begin to meet the demand, the UK government has committed to transferring £3.8 billion from the NHS (National Health Service) for joint NHS and local council decisions about the funding of health and care services from the outset of 2015. Key decisions are now being made at local levels to ‘deliver better outcomes and greater efficiencies through more integrated services for older and disabled people’ (Age UK).

With the supply of care home facilities dwindling against demand, the need for quality care facilities in the UK is high. It is into this new market that the most innovative providers are offering new commercial buy-to-let opportunities for purchase.

Whilst the social care funding and supply within the UK is currently under intense pressures, with some providers struggling, the most innovative providers are providing exceptional facilities and excellent service, thanks to the development of more sustainable business models specifically designed to ensure the long-term success of the operational business.

These new sustainable business models help maintain the supply of care whilst providing commercially viable, buy-to-let opportunities for purchase within the UK commercial property market that give clients more confidence in the operational longevity of a developer’s care project.

Our key insights into the care industry enable us to identify and develop these key relationships with innovative developers and care providers, unlocking access to the latest opportunities that provide our clients with excellent options for investing in the future of UK Care. To find out more contact us and one of our Portfolio Managers will be in touch.

Why Invest in UK Care?