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Fortem Global Residential Property

Residential buy to let

Residential buy to let continues to perform well against other options within the sector. Generally, investors like the advantage of greater control albeit there are times when more input is required day-to-day, such as dealing with property management companies or a tenant. Chosen correctly, your buy to let purchase will deliver a great income stream and capital appreciation. At Fortem, we look for only the very best options in countries and cities where the market is still in the early or expansion stage of the property lifecycle.

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Fortem Global Commercial Property

Commercial property

Commercial real estate is essentially an income-driven asset class, with its key attraction in many Western markets being the availability of long leases, which provide regular and fixed secure income. Unlike buy to let, leases are typically a long-term lease back contract where you hand over the control of your property to specific experts who deal with all the day-to-day running and cover all associated costs, such as maintenance and insurance. Commercial property sectors, such as the Healthcare Sector, offer a secure long-term option and are consistently performing well against its competitors.

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Fortem Global Lifestyle holiday property

Lifestyle/holiday property

Many people welcome a second home as it can provide an escape from day-to-day life, as well as potentially good income from short-term holiday letting. Europe and America still top the favourite destination for investors looking to purchase a second home and there remains some fantastic opportunities available in the most sought after locations. At Fortem, we partner with trusted experts in these countries and beyond to help source or build either your dream home or a perfect holiday buy to let.

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