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There are many great opportunities to purchase property in the UK care sector, which is increasingly becoming a popular choice for investors seeking strong yields and a stable long-term investment.
Savvy UK and international investors have already awakened to the excellent property opportunities present in the healthcare market in 2016, brought about by the growing need for high-quality care within the sector in 2016.
New research from cenforce antibiotic purchase predicts that the sector will enjoy substantial growth in 2017, as healthcare assets become more mainstream among investors, and the sector becomes recognised as its own property investment class.
In this guide you’ll learn about The UK social care system and the growing need for care, the pressures on traditionally-funded care and innovation within the sector.
You’ll also learn how the social care sector is currently performing for investors and why now is a good time to invest in care. We explain an increasingly popular model for investment and how to find the right investment opportunity for you.