Emerald Court – Buy-to-let Care Home Opportunity Up to 10% NET Returns P.A.

  • Emerald Court – Buy-to-let Care Home Opportunity Up to 10% NET Returns P.A.


Emerald Court is the latest commercial buy-to-let care home property investment opportunity now available for purchase, from the developer and UK care provider Qualia Care.
Situated in the North of England, this 42-bed 2-floor care home is set amidst the scenic surroundings of its landscaped garden, a short distance from the nearby shops, amenities and local park – a great location for residents, staff and guests alike.
With only minor works required before opening, Qualia Care will transform Emerald Court into a fully operational home once CQC registration is complete, joining its other well-established group of operational homes, to create much-needed care services across the UK.
For purchasers, the Qualia model provides a fully-managed asset that delivers respectable returns that increase over time, rewarding long-term commitment whilst maintaining a stable, well-run care operation.     

The Opportunity

Purchasing a unit(s) at Emerald Court provides a contractually assured rental of up to 10% per annum through a 25-year sublease, with 4 assured buy-back options from year 10 and a total return of up to 260%, depending on the chosen exit strategy.    

A choice of 4 assured exit strategies provides good flexibility, in years 10, 15, 20, and 25 respectively, rewarding longer-term commitment with greater returns.

Clients enjoy regular Aftersales support from the developer on the status of their property purchase with regular contact and updates.  

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North England, UK

Full Cash Purchase Option (£65,000)
Up to 10% NET Returns

  • 8% NET Year 1-5 (£5,200 Rental P.A.)

  • 9% NET Year 6-10 (£5,850 Rental P.A.)

  • 10% NET Year 11 onwards (£6,500 Rental P.A.)

Rental income paid in arrears from the date of exchange, either annually, biannually or quarterly.
125-year-long leasehold purchase
4 Assured Buyback options – 115% at Year 10, 120% at Year 15, 125% at Year 20, or 125% at Year 25
ROI of up to 260% over 25 Years

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