Castle Meadows – Buy-to-let Care Home Opportunity Up to 10% NET Returns P.A.

  • Castle Meadows – Buy-to-let Care Home Opportunity Up to 10% NET Returns P.A.
  • Castle Meadows – Buy-to-let Care Home Opportunity Up to 10% NET Returns P.A.


Castle Meadows is the latest commercial buy-to-let care home property investment opportunity now available for purchase, from Intercare.
Intercare is a UK based care home operator with a wide range of in-house expertise in the development, operation and management of care homes across England and Wales.

Delivering high-quality services to patients and their families, as well as to other healthcare organisations in need of supplemental staffing, Intercare’s dedicated team of healthcare professionals provide management consultation, in-house operations and crisis management solutions, maximising fee income and increasing efficiency of facilities to provide high operational standards for care.

About the Opportunity

Castle Meadows Home is an open & operational nursing care home close to the town of Dudley just 10 miles from Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city.

Providing personal and nursing care for up to 51 people, this beautiful home provides a welcoming environment for care, featuring suitable accommodation, large landscaped gardens and conservatory.

Intercare are offering investors the opportunity to purchase fully-managed units at Castle Meadows on a 250-year long leasehold, free from maintenance or ground rent costs.

Room variants are available depending on investment levels (from £65,000 and up) and returns are structured to reward larger investments with higher assured returns, starting at 8% up to 10% from Year 1 depending on the sum invested.

Buy-back options start from year 3 onwards up to year 20 and offer a fixed ROI, that increases, from 9% up to 40% depending on the chosen buy-back date.

The opportunity provides purchasers a hands-off, income-generating asset that delivers returns of up to 10% per annum depending on sum invested, with clear long-term exit strategy options.

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Starting from £65,000


West Midlands, England, UK

Starting from £65,000
8%-10% Assured NET Returns P.A.
Returns Paid Quarterly.
250-year-long leasehold purchase
Developer buy-back option up to 140%
Buy Back – In Year 3, 5, 9, 15 or 20
Title registered with the UK land registry
Fully-managed property asset

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