Alder Manor – Buy-to-let Care Home Opportunity Up to 10% NET Returns

  • Alder Manor – Buy-to-let Care Home Opportunity Up to 10% NET Returns


Alder Manor is the latest property investment opportunity soon to be launched by UK care operator Qualia Care, an established social care provider with a portfolio of 14 successfully operated homes. The 36 unit, thee floor home will offer good quality residential, nursing and palliative care services to its residents, providing a valuable resource to help meet the growing demand for care.

The Opportunity

Purchasing a unit within Alder Manor offers you a fixed rental per annum through a 25-year sublease, with a buy-back of up to 125% and a total return of up to 260% depending on your chosen exit strategy.

A choice of 4 assured exit strategies provides good flexibility, in years 10, 15, 20, and 25 respectively, rewarding longer-term commitment with greater returns whilst maintaining a sustainable operation.

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West Yorkshire, UK

Full Cash Purchase Option (£70,000)
Up to 10% NET Returns

  • 8% NET Year 1-5 (£5,600 Rental P.A.)

  • 9% NET Year 6-10 (£6,300 Rental P.A.)

  • 10% NET Year 11 onwards (£7,000 Rental P.A.)

Rental income paid in arrears from date of exchange, either annually, biannually or quarterly.
125-year-long leasehold purchase
4 Exit Strategies
ROI up to 260% over 25 Years

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