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I purchased a unit in one of the care home opportunities over 12 months ago. I was attracted by the relatively low barrier to entry and the market beating ROI. I was somewhat sceptical about the opportunity and sought assurances from James. James was excellent in his product knowledge and support throughout the process. Every quarter I receive updates on my investment and the performance of the wider business. Every payment has been made thus far which has given reassurance in my original investment decision, such that I’m now considering further investments.


James’s and the team’s service has been the best I have ever received from any sales or client services.

I wish you all the best in your newly established company and looking forward to our further business cooperation.

BK (Australia)


As part of the Service I provide to my Clients, including SSAS Pension Schemes, I am asked to source unregulated Property Investments. I deal with all the technicalities and act as their representative in dealing with the Sellers Agents and Solicitors etc.

What should be a simple process becomes complicated due to lack of knowledge, of what is allowed and required under HMRC SSAS Pension Rules.

Chris Harkness has been a beacon in the darkness, and was most efficient. He dealt with the purchase of four units for a Client in a professional manner and worked closely with myself and the provided solicitor to ensure things went as smoothly as possible throughout the entire sales process. The complexities of a purchase through a pension scheme were well handled and I was kept informed of the progress through regular communication.


RD (Wales)